History of Chinese Perfume

It is great and really amazing to know that perfume is as old as man. There are different countries and cultures that made use of it earlier on even though it tends to vary in terms of quality and aroma across various locations. Amongst these various cultures, there is one that has seemed to attract plenty of researches when it comes to ancient perfumes.

This is the history of ancient Chinese perfumes. Whether you want to believe it or not the Chinese culture has got plenty of details about ancient perfumes.

Are you searching for where to discover more facts about ancient Chinese perfumes? Do you know that you could be misled? The good part is that if you stick around a little bit and read this post from start to finish, you will definitely get to discover some untold facts about the Chinese culture with regards to ancient perfumes. These are ancient perfumes which have been influenced by the tradition and belief of this country.

Here Is The Fact

In those days (2700 BC), the ancient Chinese had this belief that there was hardly any distinction between anything that can heal the body and mind. Of course, this led to lots of changes that wouldn’t have existed in the first place. That was how one of the first ancient perfumes came into being.

It is worthy to point out that in ancient China, there were very few persons who could afford buying perfumes. These set of individuals were referred to as elites and aristocrats. This trend continued for lots of years as these ancient perfumes weren’t available to the average individuals. However, as time went on, all of these became accessible to all and sundry.

Some of The Ancient Perfumes In China

Although there are sophisticated perfumes being produced in China, there are those that were being made use of before these ones came into being. These ancient perfumes have been there serving the needs of the people in various aspects. They were loved and cherished because of the fact that they perfectly aligned with the Chinese cultural practices. Below are a few of the ancient perfumes that were once made use of by the Chinese.


Incense was a very popular type of perfume or scent the people of China made use of back then. Due to the function that it provided, it was the most popular amongst others. It was a type of perfume made use of by most of the noble families as it could hardly be afforded by the low income earners.

These people would have incense burners placed in their homes. They even sometimes get them placed close to their respective beds. The role of incense back then was to make the home smell good. They also have their clothes infused using incense in other to smell good while they would be away from the house.

Incense initially in ancient China was a symbol of class as it was made use of by the rich. However, as the years went by, even the average earners and middle class began to make use of it the same way that the elite were using it. Of course, it is only natural that when something first comes into existence, it will only be available to a few group of persons until after some time when everyone will be making use of it. Incense was no exception to this rule of nature.

One of the reasons why incense burning became very popular amongst the people of China was its numerous benefits. For instance, there was a category of people who believed that it had spiritual benefits. There were also persons who had the belief that it could help them achieve better health conditions. However, the overall reason why it was made use of by everyone was the aroma that it provided.

The Use of Nectar

Just as most experts usually say, technology will have to start from somewhere. The use of nectar as a form of perfume became very popular amongst Chinese women who wanted to smell good in public. If you must know, nectar is a perfume that is gotten from plants combination. These women were always very conscious of how others see them in public. Due to this reason, they would wear nectars which had been gotten from various plants.

Some of these plants are chrysanthemum, lotus, and lily. This type of perfume got very popular amongst the women in ancient China as it was able to meet their fashion needs. What they would do usually is that a few drops would be applied on the clothes that they wanted to put on for that day. This would make them smell very good in public all through the day. It gave them confidence.

Nectar was a perfume discovered as time went on. It should be noted that as compared to the incense that has been stated above, this had some limitations. The first of them is that it was majorly made use of by ancient Chinese women. You will recall that incense never had this restriction as it was used by both the men and women. Another restriction was the benefit that it provided which was making the women smell good. Incense was different given the fact that its benefits went beyond providing good scent. Despite all of these differences, it is important to point out that both were regularly made use of in ancient China society.


It is also known as Chen Xiang and has proven to be an integral part of the ancient Chinese perfume history. There are lots of Chinese that are buying designer perfumes but this one really seems to be ultimate in lots of regards. Agarwood is an ancient fragrance with a very rich history. Although it wasn’t really that popular initially, all of these changed as the people began to know what Agarwood could do for them.

The role which it played back then was of that of an oil and incense during the course of religious rituals all through the Middle East and Asia. These were very important properties or components that made it one of the most popular perfumes even in ancient and recent times. It became very popular in ancient china due to how it helped in the process of meditation.

People would collect fragrance carvings and natural wood. Essential oil and incense seemed to be very precious back then due to the benefits that they could provide to users. An aroma that is very pleasant was produced any time the collection got burnt. It is also possible to get it heated or even have it kept at room temperature. It is a very expensive ancient perfume that was worth all the hassle.

Having seen all of the above, it is obvious that the present day Chinese perfumes do have a clear history of where they have managed to originate from. It is also very clear that the use of perfumes in China has been existing for a period longer than anyone can remember or imagine.

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