A Brief History of Japanese Incense

Incense has been discovered to have originated from Aromatic plant materials and when being used; it gets usually combined alongside essential oils for the best of results. Incense Latin name is known as incendere implying to be burning. A pleasant smoke is released anytime it gets burnt. This smoke is very popular for its health and religious benefits. A proof of this is the fact that it is being made use of in getting spiritual atmosphere created. Not only is it useful in getting an atmosphere that is calm created around the home as it can also be useful during the process of spiritual purification.

Here Is The Simple Truth

Incense varies according to cultures and societies. This implies that they don’t have the same quality even though they are meant to produce pleasant fragrance. Among the various incense produced by different societies as well as countries, Japanese incense is the best. It has become very popular due to the different ingredients that are combined to get it produced. The ones used in countries such as China and Egypt may be of high quality but there is no doubt that incense from Japan definitely stands out.

Some of such ingredients are Benzoin, Cinnamon, Borneo Camphor, Agarwood, Licorice, Frankincense, Patchouli, Star Anise, Rhubarb, and Sandalwood. It should be noted that there are 2 ingredients that are very important during the production of in a country such as Japan. They are Agarwood as well as sandalwood. They are those properties responsible for the production of ambiance during meditation. Makko is also another ingredient which can play a major role in bringing the other ingredient. It doesn’t have or produce any scent but can be very vital in making the other ingredients to function effectively.

The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to a brief history about how incense came about in Japan. It is true you understand how it came into being in a country such as China or Egypt. However, you seem struggling regarding how it started being made use of in a place such as Japan. It is true that everything has an origin and the incense from Japan is no exception. Just read on to discover more regarding how it became popular in a country such as Japan.

The First Time Incense Was Made Used

It has long been researched and discovered that the ancient China society was the first to make use of incense. This was during 2000BC period. Other places where it was also made use of after then was ancient Egypt and Babylon. However, as time went on, other ancient societies started making use of it the more of which Japan was one of such.

How It Came Into Japan Society

Buddhists monks were the first persons who brought incense into Japan. These individuals were from China. This was when Buddhism had started coming into existence. During this time, they made use of it in getting the atmosphere purified during rituals and ceremonies.

As it was increasing in popularity, manufacturers began to find out how they could produce their own to meet the needs of users. This was the birth of an industry as they started making incense which were of very high quality. Many of these incense actually contained some of the best ingredients and many were used medicinally.

Why It Has Become Very Popular In This Country

It didn’t take long before incense became very popular. This was partly because its coming into existence was as a result of Buddhist practices. It was majorly used in making the atmosphere go through some purification processes. This created sacred spaces whereby religious ceremonies and other rites could be performed.

This became the practice for some time before the people discovered that incense could be put to other uses. They found out that the fragrance which it created could be made use of in creating tranquility and ambiance inside a room. This is how lots of people started making use of it in Japan as Buddhists were no longer the only ones making use of it for their spiritual activities.

It has also been discovered that samurai warriors made use of incense during the 14th century. According to experts, they used it in providing scent for their armors and helmets. There were some beliefs that backed such an action though which was the fact that it would make them indestructible. Whether it really made them become invincible remains to be known. This should point to one single fact which is that the use of incense in every society was based on one belief or the other.

Just as in Chinese society where it came from, incense wasn’t available to all and sundry most especially during the 14th century. There were individuals who could afford it at this time. They were referred to as the elite. However, all of these began to change in subsequent centuries as more people were able to get access to it. This even helped to increase its popularity amongst the people of Japan. It was being made use of more than ever before by a more people amongst its population. It was this development and popularity that led to the birth of Koh-Do Ceremony.

There are 2 major Japanese incense exporters. These are Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo and were established in the year 1705 and 1965 respectively. They both had their unique functions. For instance, while Shoyeido incense was being made use of by Buddhist temples for spiritual purposes, Nippon Kodo was able to produce incense that was affordable enough to be made use of by different homes across the country.

Both of these brands were notable for the production of incense that were of very high quality to meet the diverse needs of users all over the world. It is important you also understand the fact that there are other high quality brands in Japan that produce some of the best incense. The perfect example is Lisn and Baieido. These are brands that continue to create an indelible impression in the people of Japan on a daily basis.

Types of Incense

Incense is majorly of 3 types. These are incense coils, incense cones, and incense sticks. Any choice that you make is going to be strongly determined by various factors such as the incense burner, the room that you are going to be having it burnt in and time span that you want it to last for. It is important to note that the same types of incense are available in Japan. The most common tend to be Japanese incense sticks among others. The occasion is what usually determines the stick’s length as well as thickness.

How It Is Presently Used

Just like every other item that has stages of development; Japanese incense has gone beyond the ancient fragrance that only a select group of people made use of in the society. Rather, it has become that fragrance which is being made use of all over the world. This is due to the blend or combination of natural ingredients that it does contain.

The incense being presently made use of today which originates from Japan are organic. This has even helped to increase its popularity throughout the world. Alot is always expected when traditional methods of manufacturing are adopted to produce fragrance

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